EcoSafe Natural Products offers a wide range of services, from research and consulting to full-service production and formulation.

Full Service Production

We offer a rare and specialized range of R&D consulting services. From analysis and formulation to testing and scale-up, we can craft a solution that fits your needs.

Natural Pesticides

Whether it’s development, regulatory support or improvements on existing products, our lab is equipped to handle it.


We have experience with organic and inorganic fertilizers and micronutrients. Whether you need shelf life testing, scaling-up or even product packaging and labeling, we can help.

Nutritional Supplements

We’ve been working in the nutritional industry for over 20 years. From shelf life testing to overseeing commercial production, we have the experience you need.


Haircare, skincare, bath products, cosmetic formulation. Whether you need development, testing or improvement, we have the expertise.


In addition to production and consulting, we also offer full chemical analysis services. This lets us be your one-stop-shop for chemical production.

Production Consulting

With experience at every step of the production process, we’re available for consultations, second opinions and troubleshooting.

If you’re ready to start your next project, contact us today.

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