Effective product development and formulation is not possible without an additional analytical capability. Many companies offer chemical analysis to clients, fewer offer formulation and product development.  EcoSafe offers both and is your one stop resource for complete product development, analysis and testing.

Need experienced eyes on your project? Contact us today to utilize our analytical capabilities.

Our analytical techniques include:

  • Gas chromatography with mass spectral detection (GC/MS) for definitive determination of chemical components and structure verification
  • High performance liquid chromatography – a softer technique for analysis of compounds that would be labile under GC conditions
  • Particle size and emulsion droplet size analysis down to 0.02 microns with our Malvern Lasersizer
  • Turbiscan light scattering emulsion stability analyser.
  • Numerous physical test methods for determination of:
    • Boiling point
    • Melting point
    • Density
    • Viscosity
    • Flash point
    • pH
    • UV-Visible absorption
    • Octanol / water partition coefficient
    • Storage stability
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